Brand personality

Every day deep cup of wine full, the small garden flowers,

Since the song since the dance since happy, free without hindrance。

History of a few spring dream, how many wizards,

No fuss and arrangement, get now now!



Brand vision

Creating human life in the physical world



Brand proposition

Only to smell the flowers,

Don't talk about feeling,

Tea Reading,

Clear daily.

Make life beautiful.



Brand original

Is a smell on the spiritual home, with its own unique aroma atmosphere, for countless hearts of the confused people guide the direction of return and spiritual comfort.

The key is that the modern material world has created a spiritual home and a humanistic living space.Wood town make people life, is not simple, but the real meaning will be associated with all aspects of the arrangement penetrated into every corner of the sweet atmosphere, the people who love Reading, music, movies, traveling together, each of the things that interest you can correspond to a specific smell, the smell of it is a large and interesting world, will never feel bored or disappointment.

Wood town just isn't a simple selling sweet atmosphere of the brand, it is behind a cultural output from idea to complete and huge system, gathered in the ancient and modem, nutrient irrigation, art, literature and the (virtual), through books, movies, music, travel preferences (solid) in life, bring us a "people's way of life".

(this is not the mainstream of the public, but also positive for the image of the society. In general, it is committed to improving the national artistic literacy.)





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