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Wholesale OEM Air Freshener And Personal Care Products
Professional Manufacturer Since 2003

Shamood has global production bases and cost-efficient complete production lines from raw materials to finished products. Our international R&D team can meet every customer’s unique needs.

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Customized Service

Partnering with Shamood's OEM service can enhance your brand with customizable air fresheners, certified production facilities, and an experienced team, giving you a competitive edge in your target market.

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Globalized Factories

Shamood has modern factories in China, Indonesia, and India, and is capable of independently producing the entire production line from fragrance raw materials to air freshener packaging.

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Full Process Check

From raw materials to packaging and delivery, every detail in the process, Shamood has professional quality inspectors and equipment for quality control, ensuring that the pass rate of air fresheners is 99.99%.

Air Freshener Manufacturer
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Your Premier Air Freshener and Personal Care Manufacturer

Shamood was founded in 2003 and is an international manufacturer of air care and personal care products. We have modern manufacturing facilities located in China, Indonesia, India, and Ghana, and we integrate global supplier resources. We are fully utilizing our supply chain advantages to provide our customers with better service.

As a trusted long-term partner of globally recognized brands such as Walmart, Carrefour, and Disney, we take immense pride in our rich experience and exceptional quality. Avail yourself of our premium services and receive a free design today!

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Strong sales performance, Competitive advantage

Wide Custom Options for Your Air Freshener Project

Our OEM and ODM capabilities are a strong competitive advantage that allows us to bring our customers’ wildest ideas to life. In the past 20 years,
we offered OEM&ODM service for different customers such as Handstands, Genimax, American Cover, CAE and etc..

Wide Selection of Fragrances

Our fragrance customization expertise allows us to create unique scents tailored to your exact preferences, delivering a product that truly stands out in the market.

Through our observation, we have noticed a growing popularity for the following aromas, which also happen to be our classic scents.

Note: the fragrance in the list only a part, any fragrance customer like, we will try to do it.

Appearance Design

Shamood has a professional design team, engineering team, and mold development workshop, which can customize the appearance according to customer’s requirements to ensure that products can meet different needs and requirements of customers.

Air fresheners can be customized in various appearances, including but not limited to:


We have a wide selection of air freshener customization materials and the ability to flexibly combine them to meet the customization needs of different customers.

Air fresheners can be customized using various materials, including but not limited to:

Private Label Solution

We offer various customization options for air fresheners, such as appearance, fragrance type, concentration, features, and packaging. Our private label services include a range of packaging options like bottles, jars, and sachets, and customized label designs that showcase your brand.

Our fragrance customization services are also available, where we collaborate with you to develop a signature scent that aligns with your brand image and resonates with your target audience.

In summary, our private label services provide a comprehensive solution for businesses and individuals who want to create their own air freshener line. We prioritize providing exceptional quality products and services that cater to our customers’ specific needs.

Sourcing Most Profitable Products from Shamood

For Brand Owners

Our R&D team consists of over 50 internationally specialized professionals, offering end-to-end customized services to provide strong support for your air freshener brand.

For Private Label

We can provide customers with high-quality products, flexible customization services, low-cost production, and fast delivery times.

For Manufacturers & Suppliers

We have our own modern factories in China, India, and Indonesia, and you can rely on our simplified manufacturing process and cost advantages to provide you with the most competitive products.

For Wholesalers

As one of the most well-equipped air freshener manufacturing companies, we offer the highest quality products at extremely low costs, allowing you to provide discounted prices to your customers as well.


Customize your needs

Whether you need a custom air freshener for your business, promotional events, or personal use, we can deliver a unique and effective product that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and start designing your custom air freshener.

Resolve your quality concerns

We conduct strict quality checks throughout the entire production process, from sourcing raw materials to shipping the finished products, to ensure that our customers receive top-quality products and services.

Give you better profit margins

Our global reach enables us to source high-quality materials and manufacture products efficiently, resulting in lower production costs. This allows us to offer highly competitive prices to our customers while maintaining high-quality standards.

Developing a new unique air freshener is easy here in Shamood.

· Professional feedback within 8 hour
· Full capabilities to rely on
· Best possible prices for you
· Fast prototype in 1 week
· Fast delivery in 35-40 days

Tell Us Your Requirements

* We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.


Have Any Questions?

Find possible answers below or contact our sales team​ for any questions.

Our MOQ is 3000 pcs per fragrance on each item.

Normally, by TT advance, the balance due to B/L copy.

Yes, surely, we have fragrance stick offering for our customer to select. Our standard Scent: various, there are four major styles: Flower style, Fruit style, Nature style and Design style, such as Vanilla, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, etc. Your chosen is first.

Yes, we accept OEM/OMD service. Customer’s own logo can be used.

We have Reach, MSDS, SGS and etc.. Our product is safe to export. In recent, we have export to USA, England, France, German, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Ghana and etc…

Air Freshener Manufacturer


We can customize a plan according to your needs. Send an inquiry and let's start working together!

Send an inquiry and let's start working together!

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