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Air Freshener Manufacturer

Gel Can Air Freshener 4.5OZ

·Eco-friendly Gel
·Peel label off, enjoy aroma ·MOQ:3000pcs

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Crystal Gel Air Freshener Beads

·Effective Odor Eliminator
·Up to 30 days fragrance life ·MOQ:3000pcs

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Organic Can Air Freshener

·Pleasant, natural fragrances ·50% more fragrance ·MOQ:3000pcs

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Versatile Odor Eliminator 4.5OZ

·Versatile air freshener
·Lasts up to 30-45 days ·MOQ:3000pcs

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Eliminator Mini Car Vent Clip Air Freshener

·Even scent w/ Steady Release ·Adjustable Scent Level ·MOQ:3000pcs

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Vent Clip Membrane Air Freshener

·Easy and convenient to install ·Fragrance control anytime ·MOQ:3000pcs

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Spray Air Freshener

·59ML Portable Smell
·Rich in fragrance and affordable ·MOQ:3000pcs

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Dishwasher Deodorizer Membrane Freshener

·Personalized appearance
·About 35 days in normal Temp ·MOQ:3000pcs

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Reed Diffuser

·Safe and eco-friendly materials ·MOQ:3,000pcs

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Custom Shape Hanging Scented EVA Air Freshener

·Hot Sales Plastic Gel Air Freshener ·MOQ:3,000pcs

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Custom Shape Hanging Paper Air Freshener

·Multiple fragrances ·MOQ:10,000pcs

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Lovely Double Dolphin Car Air Freshener

·Highly visible promotional item ·MOQ:3,000pcs

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Novelty Air Freshener

·100% eco-import essence ·Eco-fragranced plastic ·MOQ:3000pcs

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Glass Bottle Air Freshener

·BPA Free, Odors free
·Eco-safe materials ·MOQ:3000pcs

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Spray Air Freshener

·Mini Hand Touch Aerosol ·Suitable For Home, Car etc ·MOQ:3000pcs

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Vent Stick Air Freshener

·Easy To Install
·Eco-friendly Material

lf you need other type of air fresheners, tell us more details of the product you are looking for. Shamood's R&D team
will help you complete your ideas (Amazon, Ebay links will be good).
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Always deliver more than expected.

Choose Shamood, let our global network of 4 state-of-the-art factories, over 30 international perfumers, and a team of 200+ skilled professionals provide you with unparalleled comprehensive service.

As a trusted long-term partner of globally recognized brands such as Walmart, Carrefour, and Disney, we take immense pride in our rich experience and exceptional quality. Avail yourself of our premium services and receive a free quote today!


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Why Choose Us

Expert Fragrance

Unleashing the artistry of scents with unparalleled expertise and over 20 years of research and manufacturing experience.

Masterful OEM & ODM

Whether you prefer our designs or to make your own, we value your design and preferences, and will utilize our expertise to meet your requirements.

Trusted by 3000 Clients

We earn positive reviews through professional R&D, manufacturing expertise, and delivering high-quality service.

Robust Price Advantage

Integrated supply chain advantage, leveraging our four modern factories in China, India, and Indonesia.

How It Works

Committed To Quality. Committed To You.

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Raw material R&D

Crafting custom products from the raw material end for our clients.
Air Freshener Manufacturer

Fragrance Testing

Thoroughly testing fragrances, meeting every customer's needs without compromise.
Air Freshener Manufacturer

Raw Material Testing

Ensuring consistent quality control from source to inspection.
Air Freshener Manufacturer

Standard Inspection

Rigorous inspection based on customer requirements and standards.
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Mass production

Over 30 modern production lines with a 100% delivery rate for mega-sized orders.
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Quality Control

Our quality control is ubiquitous and ever-present, as it is something we must uphold.

Clients Love


As a European wholesaler, I'm interested in Shamood's car fragrance product line due to their competitive prices and industrial trading integration. Their many factories in China, India, and Indonesia also make it easy to meet my high customer demand. I highly recommend trading with Shamood. Thank you.

Air Freshener Manufacturer
William Anderson Wholesaler

We highly appreciate Shamood's communication and coordination abilities. They are able to understand our needs and adjust their products and services in a timely manner according to our requirements, which makes us feel very trusting and happy.

Air Freshener Manufacturer
Daniel Sales Manager

Shamood's delivery speed is very fast, and we can usually receive our orders within the delivery period. Their inventory management is also very organized, and we have hardly ever experienced out-of-stock situations, which is very important to us.

Air Freshener Manufacturer
Michael Manager

Our Perfumers

You can always expect design and reliable service from Shamood, becuase this is what we live for.

Air Freshener Manufacturer

British perfumer

PHILIP, With 45 years of experience in perfumery, he has customized private perfume for Princess Diana.

Air Freshener Manufacturer

French perfumer

BRUNO, 33 years of experience in perfumery, graduated from the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in France.

Air Freshener Manufacturer

China perfumer

Yang Lu, 20 years of perfumery experience, graduated from Shanghai Institute of Technology.

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