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Energizer Holding Group Awards Shamood Brand for Outstanding Service and Support

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Bao Rui’s Shamood brand has recently been awarded the 2020 “Outstanding Service and Support” award by Energizer Holding Group for its exceptional service quality. Energizer Holdings, Inc. is a global consumer goods company based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, with a wide range of products including household and personal care products, batteries, lighting equipment, car fragrances, appearance products, and more, which are sold worldwide.

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Since the partnership started in 2006, Bao Rui has been collaborating with Energizer’s automotive fragrance and appearance product brands for 15 years, consistently adhering to the “customer-first” value. With a strong sense of customer service, Bao Rui has achieved remarkable sales growth and delivered satisfying results. In 2020, Energizer Group’s sales surpassed $10 million, a 36.66% increase compared to the previous year.

The continuous growth in sales and the honor received, confirms the full recognition of Bao Rui’s products and services by their customers. Standing at a new starting point, the Baorui team will continue to put customer needs as the driving force, expand their product range, provide more efficient, higher-quality, and innovative services, optimize customer experience, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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