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Gel Air Freshener Product Knowledge: Understanding Common Ingredients, Types, and Quality and Safety Standards

Table of Contents

Gel air fresheners are a popular type of air freshener known for their long-lasting fragrance and convenience. This article will provide a detailed overview of the common ingredients and formulations, different types, and the quality and safety standards of gel air fresheners, helping wholesalers better understand and promote these products.

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Common Ingredients and Formulations


Water is the base ingredient for most gel air fresheners, used to dissolve other components and form the gel-like substance.
2.Gelling Agents

Gelling agents, such as Carbomer and Gum Arabic, give the air freshener its gel consistency, helping the fragrance to be released evenly.

Fragrances are the core ingredient of gel air fresheners, determining the type of scent. Common scents include floral, fruity, woody, and fresh air.

To prevent the gel from spoiling, preservatives such as Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate are often added.

Solvents like Ethanol and Propylene Glycol help dissolve fragrances and distribute them evenly within the gel.

Small amounts of food-grade or cosmetic-grade colorants are added to make the product more visually appealing.

Different Types of Gel Air Fresheners

1.Gel Canisters

Commonly used in homes and offices, these are convenient and can be placed on tables or in corners.
2.Hanging Gels

Often used in cars and closets, these typically come with hooks or strings for easy hanging, saving space.
3.Plug-in Gel Air Fresheners

Combining with a power source for heating, these enhance fragrance diffusion, suitable for areas needing continuous scent.
4.Adjustable Gels

Designed with adjustable openings, allowing users to control the scent intensity as needed.

Product Quality and Safety Standards

1.Quality Control

Strict quality control is necessary during production to ensure consistency and stability in each batch. This includes ingredient testing, fragrance longevity tests, and gel hardness tests.
2.Safety Standards

Products should comply with relevant national and regional safety standards, such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in the USA and REACH regulations in Europe.
The use of fragrances and preservatives should adhere to the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) guidelines to ensure they are safe for human use.
3.Environmental Requirements

Encourage the use of environmentally friendly ingredients and avoid harmful chemicals.
Packaging materials should be as recyclable as possible to reduce environmental impact.
4.Allergen Testing

Test for potential allergens to ensure the product does not cause allergic reactions in users.

Understanding the ingredients and formulations, different types, and quality and safety standards of gel air fresheners is crucial for wholesalers. By mastering this knowledge, wholesalers can better select and promote products, ensuring they meet market demands and safety standards, thereby earning customer trust and satisfaction.

At Shamood, we are a professional manufacturer of gel air fresheners, offering high-quality products at competitive prices. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our products meet stringent quality and safety standards, making us a reliable partner for your wholesale needs.

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