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How are paper air fresheners produced?

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As a manufacturer of air fresheners, Shamood is committed to providing high-quality products. Paper air fresheners are one of the products in our line, known for their unique designs and fragrances that create a comfortable and pleasant environment for users. Below, we will introduce the production process of Shamood’s paper air fresheners.

Material selection

When producing paper air fresheners, the first step is to select high-quality paper materials. These materials should have the appropriate thickness and texture to hold fragrances and possess good durability. When choosing paper, factors such as its adsorption capacity, fiber structure, and environmental performance need to be considered.

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Fragrance design

The fragrance of a paper air freshener is an important factor in attracting users. Shamood has professional perfumers who select appropriate fragrance oils and ingredients based on customer requirements to create various long-lasting and pleasant scents. These scents may include fruits, flowers, fresh scents, woody notes, and other types to meet different user preferences.

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Printing and cutting

Once the paper and fragrance are determined, Shamood uses printing technology to print patterns and information onto the paper. These patterns typically feature attractive designs such as brand logos, images, animals, and plants. After printing, the paper is cut into suitable shapes and sizes, commonly including round, square, and oval shapes.

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Fragrance embedding

After the paper is cut, fragrance embedding takes place. Shamood typically uses high-precision equipment or manual techniques to apply drops of fragrance oil onto the paper. This ensures the longevity and uniform distribution of the fragrance. Special processing techniques may be employed to ensure even distribution of the fragrance.

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Shamood packages the paper air fresheners to protect their quality and appearance. Common packaging options include transparent bags, plastic boxes, or cardboard boxes. During the packaging process, brand information, usage instructions, safety warnings, and other labels may be added.

Quality control

To ensure that each paper air freshener produced meets high standards, Shamood implements strict quality control measures. This includes inspection and testing of raw materials, quality monitoring during the production process, and quality inspections of finished products. These measures ensure that each product meets the required standards and delivers consistent quality and performance.

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Custom production

Shamood offers custom production services to meet specific customer requirements. This may involve customizing patterns, shapes, fragrances, and packaging. Shamood works closely with customers to customize the most suitable paper air freshener products based on their requirements and brand image.

In conclusion, the production process of paper air fresheners involves material selection, fragrance design, printing and cutting, fragrance embedding, packaging, quality control, and custom production. By applying these processes effectively, high-quality paper air fresheners can be produced, providing users with a pleasant and long-lasting air freshening experience.

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