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Exploring Shamood’s Liquid Membrane Air Freshener Production and Quality Control

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Air fresheners are a commonly used household product by consumers. For consumers, this product can effectively eliminate indoor odors, increase the freshness of the air, and improve people’s quality of life. Among the air freshener market, the membrane air freshener is a very popular type. It uses liquid membrane technology, which can release fragrance more lastingly, evenly, and without the waste and non-durability problems of traditional spray-type air fresheners. In this article, we will introduce the production process of Shamood’s liquid membrane air freshener, as well as Shamood’s emphasis on quality, to help wholesalers better understand our products.

Air Freshener Manufacturer

The production process of Shamood’s liquid membrane air freshener mainly includes the following steps:

Step one, selecting materials.

Shamood’s air fresheners are produced using high-quality raw materials, such as fragrances and polymers. Our raw materials have been tested and approved by professional agencies and comply with relevant standards.

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Step two, formulation.

Our technical team formulates fragrance recipes suitable for different people and environments based on consumer needs and market trends. Our formulas cover a variety of fragrances, such as floral, fruity, and fresh, to meet consumers’ different needs for air fresheners.

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Step three, filling.

We use high-precision packaging machines to package the perfume in transparent polymer film. This polymer film allows the perfume to slowly evaporate, thereby achieving lasting fragrance release. This process requires strict control to ensure that the filling amount of each bag is consistent. The filling machine can automatically complete the filling process according to the set quantity and weight. At this stage, Shamood also conducts quality control to ensure that the filling amount of each bag meets the standard.

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Step four, sealing and packaging.

Once the filling is complete, the thin film bag needs to be sealed to prevent the fragrance from leaking. Shamood uses efficient sealing machines to seal and quality check each product to ensure that the sealing quality meets the standard. After cutting, the product is sent to an automated packaging line for packaging, finally forming a finished liquid membrane air freshener. Finally, the membrane air freshener is packed into boxes and shipped.

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Step five, quality control.

Our products must undergo strict quality control procedures to ensure that the quality meets our standards. We conduct odor testing, performance testing, and appearance inspections on each product to ensure that each product is of high quality.

Air Freshener Manufacturer

As a professional company specializing in the production of membrane air fresheners, Shamood has always emphasized quality. We have a professional quality control team and equipment to ensure that each step meets the standard. In the selection of raw materials, we only use raw materials that meet international quality standards, such as imported high-quality fragrances and polymer films. During the production process, we strictly control the temperature and humidity to avoid affecting the fragrance volatilization and quality.

In addition, we also focus on environmental protection and safety. All materials used comply with relevant environmental protection and safety standards. We actively promote sustainable development, continuously improve production processes, and reduce the impact on the environment. Our production process complies with international standards and has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification to ensure the quality of our products and services.

In summary, Shamood is committed to providing high-quality products and services to consumers, and we hope that our emphasis on quality and environmental protection can be recognized and supported by consumers and partners.

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