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Exceptional Fragrance Oil Manufacturer Since 2007

We are committed to being a leader in producing world-class custom fragrance oil products, catering to
brand owners, wholesalers, and distributors across the globe.

Air Freshener Manufacturer
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About Fragrance Oil Manufacturer

We started the research, development and production of essence in 2007. With over a decade of continuous progress, we have successfully established an innovative Chinese fragrance enterprise with a multicultural background.
We have established modern production factories in India, Indonesia, and Ghana, giving us strong control over the raw material supply chain. With our competitive pricing and excellent product quality, we have earned positive feedback from 1000+ customers worldwide.
Our products have a wide range of applications, including body perfumes, personal care, fabric care, air care, flavoring oil, tobacco flavor, and aroma beads. We can also meet diverse customization needs.

Full Capacity in Our Fragrance Oil Manufacturing Plant

Production Bases
Skilled Employees
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Models of Fragrance
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Diverse Fragrance Oils for Daily Products

Safe Applications of Food Flavorings

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Dairy Fats

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Baked Goods

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Air Freshener Manufacturer

Cold Beverages

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Flavoring Powder

High-Quality Air Care Products Rely On High-Quality Fragrances

High-quality Multi-application Tobacco Flavor

Meeting various cigarette demands, hookah, e-cigarettes, and traditional cigarettes each have their own features, offering a wide variety of flavors.

Full-Scale Brand Customization

From 0 to 1
Turn your ideas into reality

Crafted by You

Build an exclusive brand
Meet wholesale needs and market trends
Fully customize fragrance, shapes, materials, appearance, and more

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Conduct detailed market research for the project

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Provide product manufacturing processes

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Develop unique and distinctive fragrances

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Provide product packaging design

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Recommend suitable fragrance options

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Provide marketing strategies for new products

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Provide formulas required for application

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Connect with high-quality supply chain resources

Iris Pallidia
Rose Plantation in Grasse
Lavender plantation
French tuberose plantation
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R&D designated natural botanical gardens

To ensure the quality of raw materials and meet customer demands, we collaborate with origin plantations, carefully cultivating and extracting high-quality natural ingredients. This provides a solid guarantee for perfumers, continuously inspiring their creativity.

Focus On Quality Fragrance Oil Manufacturing

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Fragrance customization

Air Freshener Manufacturer

International senior perfumer

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Repeat the aroma test

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Quality control is indispensable

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Professional fragrance production workshop

Air Freshener Manufacturer

Sufficient fragrance capacity

Why Choose Us

Expert Fragrance

Unleashing the artistry of scents with unparalleled expertise and over 20 years of research and manufacturing experience.

Masterful OEM & ODM

Whether you prefer our designs or to make your own, we value your design and preferences, and will utilize our expertise to meet your requirements.

Trusted by 3000 Clients

We earn positive reviews through professional R&D, manufacturing expertise, and delivering high-quality service.

Robust Price Advantage

Integrated supply chain advantage, leveraging our four modern factories in China, India, and Indonesia.

Tell Us Your Requirements

* We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.

Let’s Work on Your Next Project.

Shamood Team

Clients Love


As a European wholesaler, I'm interested in Shamood's car fragrance product line due to their competitive prices and industrial trading integration. Their many factories in China, India, and Indonesia also make it easy to meet my high customer demand. I highly recommend trading with Shamood. Thank you.

Air Freshener Manufacturer
William Anderson Wholesaler

We highly appreciate Shamood's communication and coordination abilities. They are able to understand our needs and adjust their products and services in a timely manner according to our requirements, which makes us feel very trusting and happy.

Air Freshener Manufacturer
Daniel Sales Manager

Shamood's delivery speed is very fast, and we can usually receive our orders within the delivery period. Their inventory management is also very organized, and we have hardly ever experienced out-of-stock situations, which is very important to us.

Air Freshener Manufacturer
Michael Manager


We can customize a plan according to your needs. Send an inquiry and let's start working together!

Send an inquiry and let's start working together!

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